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17 November 11

Maybelline: Great Lash Lots of Lashes Review

Disclaimer: The following products were sent to me as a bzzagent for feedback and review purpose.

The most recent campaign I was included in as a Bzzagent was the Maybelline Baby Lips and Lots of Lashes, In my kit I was sent 5 Great lash mascara, and 5 of the babylips lip balm. This review will focus on the Great Lash Mascara and the babylips will be reviewed after.

I know the original great lash is a top favorite, I tried but it wasn’t for me. but since I received this in my kit and saw the new wand design, I had to give it a try again.

Formula wise, I think that it is the same as the original one. It seperates, and lengthens, looks nice and natural. But it takes a while to dry, smudges easily, and any water near results in horrible racoon eyes. The only thing I liked about this new one is the new wand design, it was easier to apply and reach the sides of my lashes, and was perfect for coating individual lower lashes.
-> Lengthens
-> Seperate lashes/ no thick clumps
-> Looks Natural
-> wand is small enough to reach all of my lashes
-> easy to coat lower lashes
-> Wet! which takes a while to dry
-> Smudges (I tend to rub my eyes a lot)
-> Washable meaning add water and mascara is dripping down.
As much as I love the way my lashes look using this, I need waterproof formula since I have a tendency to rub my eyes, and I use eyedrops frequently throughout the day. Hopefully Maybelline comes out with a waterproof formula with this wand in the future.


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